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Email Notifications – Health Care Law

Bloomberg BNA makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the current trends and latest legal developments in health care law. As law students, this can help you focus in on seminar paper and note topic ideas. You can set email notifications for twelve specific reports. Some of the top titles include–

  • BNA’s Health Care Daily Report – Coverage of major federal and state legislative, regulatory, legal, and industry developments in the health care field. Published each business day.
  • BNA’s Health Care Fraud Report – Coverage of federal and state health care fraud and abuse issues in Medicare, Medicaid, and the private insurance industry. Published every other week.
  • BNA’s Health Care Policy Report – Coverage of federal, state, and private-sector health care policy, with special attention to Medicaid and related programs. Published each week.
  • Health Insurance Report – Coverage of regulatory, legislative, and legal developments affecting the health insurance industry at the federal and state level. Published each week.
  • BNA’s Health Law Reporter – Coverage of legal developments in health care, including cases, federal and state legislation, federal rules, and enforcement trends. Published each week.
  • BNA’s Medicare Report – Coverage of legislative, regulatory, and legal developments affecting the Medicare program. Published each week.

To set up email notifications, log onto Bloomberg Law, click BNA Law Reports, then Manage Email Notifications for BNA Law Reports.

International Law Materials from Bloomberg BNA

C|M|LAW Library subscribes to Bloomberg BNA’s premier database plan for law schools, which includes libraries of primary and secondary law and current awareness sources.

Our Bloomberg BNA package includes extensive coverage on international law topics, especially relating to international business, tax, and trade. These databases are great for doing research for your note, or seminar papers. Some specific titles include –

  • International Business & Finance Daily
  • International Environmental Reporter
  • International Tax Monitor
  • International Trade Daily
  • World Communications Regulation Report
  • World Intellectual Property Report
  • World Securities Law Report

Librarians can provide you with training and search tips for using these resources. Stop by the reference desk or schedule an in-depth research consultation.

Specialty Databases: Health Law Materials on BNA and CCH

With health care and health law in the Supreme Court and in the news all this week, here is a quick reminder of the health law materials you can access through our specialty BNA and CCH databases.  For complete access information for both databases, see our law databases page.



Health Law Resource Center

All-State Medicaid Laws & Regs

Health Care Daily Report


Health Care Fraud Report

Employment Safety and Health

Health Care Policy Report

Health Compliance Newsletter

Health Insurance Report

Health Care Compliance Reporter

Health IT Law & Industry Report

Health Care Compliance Professional Manual

Health Law Reporter

State Health Care Law Library – All States

Medical Devises Law & Industry Report

HIPAA Privacy Guide

Medical Research Law & Policy Report

HIPAA Security Guide

Medicare Report

Home Care Providers Guide

Occupational Safety & Health Daily

Home Health Care Medicare & Medicaid Payment Guide

Occupational Safety & Health Reporter – Current Reports

Home Health Care Medicare & Medicaid Payment Reporter

Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report

Medical Devices Reporter

Medicare and Medicaid Guide with Archive

Medicare and Medicaid Answers Now

Physician Medicare Part B

Understanding TRICARE

Tax Students: BNA’s U.S. Tax Overview and Quick Answers Can Help

Whether you are taking personal income tax, corporate tax or estate tax, BNA’s U.S. Tax Overview can help.  It is an easy to understand outline of U.S. federal tax law written by law professors.  It even covers U.S. international taxation.  Students can run a keyword search for a particular concept, or drill down the outline to find what they need.

BNA’s Tax and Accounting Center also offers Fast Answers for federal tax.  Fast Answers can be searched by keyword, or you can look at a list of topics (gross income, deductions, credits, etc.)  and subtopics (eg. for gross income: assignment of income, claim of right doctrine, discharge of indebtedness, etc.) and the Frequently Asked Questions for each subtopic.  Fast Answers are brief and written in clear language.

When you are off campus, you will need to enter your name, CSU Id and Scholar PIN to access these databases.

Upcoming Seminar: Finding a Paper Topic Using BNA

Finding a topic on which to write your law review note or upper level writing paper is often the hardest part. On September 1, 2011 from 4:50 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. in Room A059 (in the library), Kevin Skrzysowski of BNA will speak on Locating Paper Topics Using BNA Publications. Kevin will demonstrate how to use U.S. Law Week to find Circuit Splits as well as using Hot Topics and other features of various BNA databases to find paper topics.

Our law school subscribes to many BNA databases, including those dealing with Health Care, International Law, Labor and Employment Law, Environmental Law, Corporate Governance and many other subjects.

The library is hosting this seminar as part of its Research Certificate Seminar Series, so attendees will get Research Certificate Seminar credit.