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Transgendered and Incarcerated

A recent article in The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law [Find it] provides a helpful outline of the issues facing transgendered people in the U.S. prison system. The article “review[s] the epidemiology of transgendered individuals in the general population and correctional facilities, describe[s] current guidelines for the standard of care, and discuss[es] how various correctional systems in this country apply them. [The article] also review[s] case law with respect to the management and treatment of transgendered incarcerated individuals.”

See Anna Glezer, Dale E. McNiel, and Renée L. Binder, Transgendered and Incarcerated: A Review of the Literature, Current Policies and Laws, and Ethics 41(4) The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 551 (2013).

This journal is an example of one of the many useful sources that does not appear on the usual legal research platforms (Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg, HeinOnline). For suggestions on how and where to search for relevant articles that aren’t included in these databases, see our guide Finding Articles in Law Reviews and Journals. Remember, if you limit your research to only the big legal databases, you could be missing out on some key resources!

Related to the topic of the rights of transgendered people, we’ve also blogged about the ABA publication Transgender Persons and the Law, which is available in our collection.

This just in: Transgender Persons and the Law

Are you taking Sexual Orientation and the Law this semester?  We have the perfect book for you! Transgender Persons and the Law, by Ally Howell, is a new title published by the American Bar Association.  The primary purpose of the book is to provide information on laws and landmark court cases involving transgendered individuals.  Some of the legal situations include housing, military and veteran benefits, family law, education, health care, personal safety, employment, immigration, and criminal justice.

Come on in, and check it out!