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Archive for August 1st, 2022

Takeaways from the 2022 WHO World Mental Health Report

The World Health Organization has published the 2022 World Mental Health Report: Transforming Mental Health for All. First published by the WHO in 2001, this report covers an overview of global mental health, a framework for beneficial change, and a structure for scaling up care.

Based on data from 2019, here are some highlights from the report –

  • 970 million people worldwide (13% of total population) live with mental disorders, 52.4% women, 47.6% males
  • Anxiety disorders (31.0%) and depressive disorders (28.9%) make up nearly 60% of all mental disorders.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for an increase in major depressive (28%)  and anxiety disorders (26%).
  • Suicide accounts for 1 in every 100 deaths globally.
  • Most mental health funding is focused on basic research rather than treatment or health services.
  • A model network of community-based mental health services includes psychological counseling, workplace health services, outreach services, day care, and peer support services.