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Archive for May 7th, 2021

Watch for Incentives to Get Vaccinated

A recent New York Times article details some of the incentives that are now being offered or under consideration for people to get a COVID vaccine shot. Scientists have stated that 70-85% of the population need to be vaccinated or otherwise immune to stop transmission of the virus, so incentives may make a difference for those who are hesitant or haven’t yet made the effort to get vaccinated. The portion of the US population currently vaccinated stands at about 33%.

Some interesting incentives include:

  • A $100 savings bond for those 16-35 (West Virginia)
  • $50 gift cards for anyone who drives someone to get vaccinated (Detroit)
  • A free beer or drink to those who get vaccinated (New Jersey and Connecticut)

Sports teams are getting involved too, with several teams offering free tickets to fans who get vaccinated at the ball park.