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Archive for August 7th, 2019

What Does That Abbreviation Mean?

If you’ve ever read a legal document and had difficulty discovering what the author’s abbreviation meant, Prince’s Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations probably has the answer. Prince’s has thousands of abbreviations, so it is a useful resource to consult if you are unsure as to the meaning of an abbreviation. Don’t know what Menz. stands for? What about Idding? Or Neb. S.R.C.? (Menzie’s Cape of Good Hope Reports, Idding’s Term Reports (Dayton, Ohio), and Nebraska State Railway Commission, respectively).


Prince’s Dictionary of Legal Citations assists in citing legal authorities according to the rules given in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 20th ed. (2015)This title is a companion to The Bluebook, but not a replacement. Prince’s has both references to state court rules for citing cases and statutes, and examples of how to cite cases according to those rules.