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Archive for March 25th, 2019

Insights into Generation Z

With their oldest members approaching their mid-twenties, Generation Z is our newest cohort in law schools around the country. Born between 1995 and 2010, many more Generation Z students are in college or high school today. Scholars and educators wonder what makes Generation Z students tick. A recent book, Generation Z Goes to College by Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace gives some insight. According to the authors, members of Generation Z:

  • Are loyal, compassionate, open-minded and motivated by not wanting to let others down.
  • Are anxious about the high cost of higher education, yet believe that education is the foundation for success.
  • May show a lack of interest in volunteering as a results of being “voluntold” or required to participate in service projects in school.
  • Don’t see their bosses, religious leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, or political leaders as authority figures.
  • Prefer an intrapersonal learning style and are comfortable with working independently.
  • Are open to experiential learning and entrepreneurship.