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Archive for May 23rd, 2018

This Just In: Eisenhower vs. Warren

Dwight Eisenhower and Earl Warren are two titans of 20th century American history. Eisenhower was a five-star Army general who commanded Allied Forces in the west during World War II and two-term United States President. Warren was a three-term Governor of California, California Attorney General, candidate for Vice President in 1948, and then Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, appointed by Eisenhower.

The Warren Court, as the Supreme Court came to be known during his tenure, was known for progressive decisions including the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education decision. Eisenhower was known for a middle of the road policy toward race and segregation and favored building consensus to eventually overturn segregation via legislation rather than court decisions. Thus, the Brown decision was unpopular in Eisenhower’s White House because it deviated from the President’s strategy. The tensions between the two titans were so bad that Eisenhower said his greatest mistake as President was appointing Warren.

This book is a fascinating look at Supreme Court and American history in the mid 20th century. Eisenhower vs. Warren is available in our New Releases section on the first floor near the circulation desk.