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Health Care Issues in Republican & Democratic Party Platforms

Republican Elephant & Democratic DonkeyThe 2016 Republican Party and Democratic Party conventions are over, and both political parties have released draft Platforms.  The Republican Party Platform includes health care issues, particularly in its “Great American Families, Education, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice” section (see pages 38-47).  The Democratic Party Platform also includes health care issues, particularly in its “Ensure the Health and Safety of All Americans” section (see pages 38-43).

Take a Break at the State Fair

Ohio Gate

The Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, Ohio

Looking for a fun day trip? The Ohio State Fair is now open in Columbus, July 27 through August 7. The State Fair is conducted by the Ohio Expositions Commission, which is required by statute to hold at least one fair or exposition per year. Through the State Fair, the Commission seeks to promote agriculture and education, Ohio products and tourism, and economic development.

The State Fair traces its history back to 1846 when the Ohio Legislature created the Ohio State Board of Agriculture (now Department of Agriculture). The Board held two District Fairs in 1847 and 1848, leading to the first Ohio State Fair held in 1850. In its early years, the State Fair frequently changed locations, including being held in Cleveland in the 1850s and 1860s. The State Fair has been held every year since its founding, except during World War II. The State Fair moved to its current home at the Ohio Expo Center in 1886. In 1961, management of the Expo Center and responsibility for the State Fair passed to the newly created Ohio Expositions Commission. The site currently occupies 360 acres, includes facilities for indoor and outdoor activities of all types, and hosts over 175 events per year.

Watch Out For Copyright Traps

trapCopyright traps are fabrications deliberately tucked into otherwise factual publications in order to detect third-party copying.  Duke’s Law Library’s blog highlights some of the most common

For more information on the related topic of plagiarism, check out CM Law Library’s Scholarly Writing Resource Guide.  The guide contains lots of useful information for researchers, writers, and students alike including sections on plagiarism.

Exam Time

finish line

The finish line is in sight!

Good Luck to everyone taking the bar exam!


New FOIA Legislation

FOIA logoCongress recently enacted new legislation updating and amending the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA Improvement Act of 2016 was signed into law by the President on June 30, 2016. The new Act codifies a “presumption of openness,” requires disclosure in electronic format, limits exemptions, and strengthens the Office of Government Information Services.

A statement from the White House released on June 30th discusses the signing of the Act and other steps to improve openness involving the Chief FOIA Officers Council and the FOIA Advisory Committee. The Council is set to develop a policy to support the mandate that a “release to one is a release to all.” The Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Justice, and other agencies will work together to develop new guidance and a consolidated FOIA request portal to launch in 2017.

Looking for more information on the original FOIA or the process of passing this new legislation? Check out our Legislative History Guide to learn how.