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Archive for June, 2016

New Process for Appealing Records Request Denials

file foldersIn May, the Ohio Legislature passed new legislation to promote access to public records and it was signed into law yesterday, June 29, 2016. The new measure, SB 321 Court of Claims-procedure for hearing denials of access to public records, streamlines the process for individuals appealing denials of their public records requests. Under the new law, if a person’s public records request is denied, they may file a complaint with the Court of Claims to begin a mediation process, for a fee of only $25. When a complaint is filed, the matter is referred to a Special Master in the Court of Claims for mediation. If mediation fails, the Special Master recommends a finding to the Court, which will then issue a binding result, can be appealed by either side. The appeal will go to the appellate court where the dispute occurred. SB 321 also enables an individual to collect attorney fees if the Court determines that the government body acted in bad faith when denying the records request. Under existing law, the process to appeal records request denials involved expensive and lengthy litigation. For more information check out the Ohio Legislative Service Commission’s Fiscal Note and Bill Analysis.

Free Books and Study Aids / Donate Your Books

ariana donationstudent lounge 1Just today we had a nice donation of books by May 2016 graduate Ariana Zimcosky (left).  So, if you didn’t know:  the law library will take your unwanted books—including textbooks and study aids.  The donations are sorted by our technical services staff and anything that the law library can’t use is then place on the free books cart in the student lounge (right).

Plenty of Things to do 4th of July Weekend in NE Ohio

fireworksCheckout this great list of events happening all over NE Ohio this weekend for the 4th of July.  What’s great about this list is that the counties surrounding Cleveland are covered.  Baseball and the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom are my go to favorites on the 4th.  Don’t forget, besides the parades and fireworks, there is always Lake Erie and the great Metro Parks.

RNC Activities at Cleveland State

rncThe Republican National Convention and Donald Trump will be in Cleveland at the Q July 18-21.  In conjunction with the convention, Cleveland State (including Cleveland-Marshall College of Law) will be hosting several events.  Highlights from the law school side include a Cybersecurity Forum (12:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 19) and a Conservative Thought and Environmental Sustainability Forum (12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 20).

Local Ordinances and Parade Permits

parade route Yesterday was an excellent day for a parade – wonderful weather and a great reason to celebrate! All of the festivities made for a very quiet day in the library, which gave one law librarian time to ponder, what does one have to do to hold a parade in Cleveland?

Holding a parade seems like something that would fall under local control. Conveniently, the Law Library has a research guide about Local Government. Article 18 of the Ohio Constitution confers authority on municipalities to exercise powers of local self-government, see Sections 3 and 7. According to the guide, Cleveland’s City Charter and Ordinances can be found on the City Council’s website. A quick search returns several results, the most relevant being 411.05 Parade Permits and Fees. Basically, an application must be filed in advance with the Office of Special Events and Marketing, the permit must be obtained, and a fee paid. There are a few exceptions to the permit requirement, dealing with spontaneity and whether the event will refrain from blocking streets and sidewalks.

Scoff if you will, but these rules may be an issue in just a few short weeks. For the upcoming convention, protests are referred to as “parades” and groups must apply to speak at the “official speakers platform,” set up tables or art installations at designated parks, or march down the designated parade route. The City’s Board of Control, Resolution 252-16, sets out special regulations for parades and other activities around the convention. An application form and additional information can be found on the city’s website, the deadline to file is 5pm on July 8, 2016.