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Archive for February 17th, 2016

Lexis Topic Summaries for a Quick & Practical Overview of an Area of Law

Topic Summaries in Lexis Advance can be a great way to get a leg up on an unfamiliar area of law in a flash. Here’s how it works.

Pull up the case you are interested in, say




which is a recent Ohio case on attractive nuisance and trespassers. Then click on View Reports under About this Document, to the right of the case.











There is one Topic Summary for this case, and it’s on trespassers. The Topic Summary quickly gets you up to speed about the law of trespassers in Ohio by providing you with

  • a definition
  • ten seminal cases on trespassers
  • the elements of criminal trespass
  • applicable statutes and rules
  • links to relevant secondary sources
  • the burden of proof required to recover on a claim of trespass
  • the standard of review

You could research each of these aspects of trespass law on your own, and spend a couple hours doing it. Or you can use the Topic Summary, and save yourself tons of time and effort.