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Reflections for Developing Your Professional Identity


A forthcoming article written by E. Scott Fruehwald looks at how future lawyers can develop their professional identities. Professional identity is something separate from ethics (the rules of professional conduct) or professionalism (acting in a professional manner through behavior such as politeness and thoroughness). According to Fruehwald, professional identity is “a lawyer’s personal legal morality, values, decision-making process, and self-consciousness in relation to the practices of the legal profession.”

In practical terms, the author suggests that law students can actively develop their professional identities by becoming engaged thinkers, being aware of their emotions, finding intrinsic motivation, and reflecting on metacognitive questions.

In reality, reflecting on metacognitive questions is not as lofty as it seems (although it can take a lot of introspection). Examples of metacognitive questions that Fruehwald suggests will help you develop your professional identity include:

  • What would you do if you knew your child had an alcohol problem?
  • How would you react if a half-way house serving recently-released felons was to be constructed in your neighborhood?
  • Do you believe lawyers have an ethical duty to perform pro bono work?
  • How do you deliver the news to your client who has just lost custody of her child?

These and similar questions can help you recognize and develop your own moral compass, a key part to your professional identity.

See E. Scott Fruehwald, Developing Law Student’s Professional Identities, University of La Verne Law School (Forthcoming 2015) [Full text on SSRN].


Students Can Win Indians Fun Money or a Playhouse Square Gift Card

Your law library is hosting an end of year contest. Each contestant must be enrolled in C|M|Law for the Spring 2015 semester. Contestants must answer all questions to be eligible. All correct entries will be placed in a drawing for a $100 Playhouse Square Gift Card and $100 in Cleveland Indians Fun Money.

The final day to submit your entry is May 13th 2015


E-mail all completed entries to Brian Cassidy at

Study Rooms for Reading and Exam Period

Reading and exam period is a super busy time in the library for study rooms. Here are a few tips to help ensure your study room experience runs smoothly –

  • Only law students can reserve and use study rooms in the law library.
  • Reserve your room well in advance during reading and exam period. Check to see what’s available prior to booking.
  • Use your CSU law email to reserve the study room.
  • Confirm your booking in the email you receive.
  • Stop by the access services desk in the law library prior to going to your study room. Someone will walk with you to the study room to make sure it is unlocked for you, or else confirm that the room has already been opened.
  • Rooms B09 and B10 have recording and presentation equipment in them for practicing interviews or presentations. The other study rooms have tables and whiteboards.




Hours for Reading and Exam Period

Starting tomorrow, the library has extended hours for reading and exam period (Wednesday, April 29 – Thursday, May 14):

Monday – Thursday ——– 7am – Midnight
Friday ———————— 7am – 10pm
Saturday ———————-9am – 10pm
Sunday ————————10am – Midnight

Quiz Your Legal Knowledge with Law Dojo


A fun alternative way to review law concepts is by using the Law Dojo app, available on the iOS platform. Law Dojo is a series of games that tests your knowledge on a variety of legal topics. The basic version is free and offers you quizzes testing basic legal doctrine, procedure, vocabulary, and more. For $2.99 each, you can delve into quizzes on specific topics like torts, civ pro, contracts, evidence, criminal law, or tax. Earn points as you answer questions correctly. If you lose three of your ninjas, the game is over. Law Dojo is looking for testers if you’d like to try your hand at app development.