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Archive for August, 2014

Finals Aftermath

As you were frantically printing out last Spring Semester’s outlines and papers, many of you were wondering how much paper we go through during finals.  The two pictures here show approximately how many reams of paper were used during the last weeks of Spring Semester 2014.  The first picture shows a full stock room of paper, and the second picture is what the room looked like just after finals were over, with approximately 95 reams of paper missing.  Each ream contains 500 sheets of paper, so that means at least 47,500 sheets of paper were used in just two weeks. paperbefafterfinalDoes anyone know how many trees that is?  There are white recycle bins located next to the printers for you to use, but just because it is being recycled doesn’t always count.   We are welcome to suggestions on how to address this issue, but the goal is also to become aware and think of the three R’s, which in this case, are “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.  Until such time that the issue improves, we will keep the paper trays well stocked.  Anything, if it helps you to pass your final exams.

New Addition to the US Code: Title 52

The US Code is getting an update. Provisions relating to voting and elections are being transferred from titles 2 and 42 into a new Title 52, Voting and Elections. The transfers are to improve the overall organization of the United States Code. No statutory text is altered. The provisions are merely being relocated from one place to another in the Code.

For the online version of the United States Code, the transfers will occur on September 1, 2014, after which the new Code citations should be used. For the printed version of the Code, the transfers will occur effective with supplement II of the 2012 edition.

For more information on the change view the House of Representatives Office of The Law Revision Counsel website [here].

Jury Instructions: Yeah There’s a Guide for That

Yep that’s right: CM Law Library has a handy dandy guide for students and practitioners alike on Jury Instructions. Topics covered in the guide include Ohio and Federal instructions, guidance on how to write jury instructions, and specific legal areas of law and their corresponding jury instructions.

If you are surprised that we have a research guide on jury instructions, you might be surprised at the other topics covered by our research guides. To view all of our guides click here.

By Popular Demand: Longer Library Hours!

The law library is now open at 7am M-F during the semester for all you early birds. For more information and our other hours click [here].

Essay Contest: Marijuana Legalization

The Center for Alcohol Policy is accepting entries for its annual essay contest. This year’s topic is “As states contemplate the legalization of prohibited products, like marijuana, what are some lessons policymakers and regulators can learn from the movement to end alcohol Prohibition in the 1930s?” The contest is open to all persons who are over the age of 18 as of November 2014. Students, academics, and practicing attorneys are especially encouraged to enter. Cash prizes will be awarded for first prize ($5,000), second prize ($2,500), and third prize ($1,000). The entry deadline is November 17, 2014. More information on the Center for Alcohol Policy website.