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Archive for March, 2014

Fastcase Now Available!

fastcaseFastcase is now available in the law library and lawbuilding.  You can access this next-generation legal research service here.

Fastcase provides comprehensive legal research services.  Using Fastcase, you can search through federal and state laws, regulations, cases, Attorney General opinions, HeinOnline law reviews, filings, court rules, constitutions, and selected newspapers.

Fastcase’s case law search offers an Interactive Timeline that allows you to view all the search results on a single map.  This illustrates how the results occur over time, how relevant each case is based on the search terms, how may times each case has been cited “generally” by all other cases, and how many times each case has been cited only by the very relevant cases within the search results.

The version of Fastcase available in the law library and law building is very comprehensive, but you can also access a free version of Fastcase on your computer, iPad or iPhone when you are not at school.  Just go here and create a username and password for free!

Fastcase (law school and library only)

Automatically Update Footnote Numbers in Word When Using Supra References

If you’re writing a law review style article, you may find yourself using supra references in the footnotes. For example, if you frequently cite to Smith, you might write a footnote that looks something like this:

16 Smith, supra note 5.

You run into problems with your footnote numbering when you add a few sentences with footnotes to the beginning of your paper, and suddenly the original Smith reference is no longer in footnote 5, it’s now in footnote 6.

Of course, you can manually change your footnote numbers when you’re done writing, but this can be tedious.

There’s a number of steps to it, but here’s how to update your footnotes automatically in Word 2013 when using a supra reference:

  • Start writing your footnote: “Smith, supra note”
  • Up top, go to Insert >> Links >> Cross-Reference.
  • Under Reference type, choose “Footnote”; under Insert reference to, choose “Footnote number”
  • Under For which footnote, highlight the footnote to which you want the supra reference to refer.
  • Click Insert, then click Close.
  • When you want to automatically update the supra reference numbers, do this:
  • Click your cursor anywhere inside the footnote fields.
  • Hit Ctrl A.
  • Hit F9.
  • You will see the message: “Word cannot undo this action. Do you want to continue?” Click Yes.
  • Your supra reference will then be automatically updated.


Master Switch Author to Speak Today

Professor Tim Wu will speak today [more info] at 5:00 p.m in the Moot Court Room as the Cleveland-Marshall Fund Visiting Scholar. Professor Wu is an author, policy advocate, and professor at Columbia Law School. His book The Master Switch [find it] was named a best book of the year by the New Yorker, Amazon, Scribes, Publisher’s Weekly, and other publications. The New York Times published a review of The Master Switch in December 2010.  Wu is also known for his work on net neutrality theory.

Researching State Legislation on Universal Health Care

The Law Library of Congress maintains Legal Topics pages which provide legal commentary and recommended resources on issues and events with legal significance. They have developed a number of  Healthcare and Bioethics pages, including one on State Legislation on Comprehensive Health Care Coverage. This page reports on state legislation from Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont.

Career Advice: International Arbitration

The American Society of International Law and the Howard M. Holtzmann Center for International Arbitration recently hosted a panel discussion on careers in international arbitration. According to the posting, “[i]nternational arbitration is a growing area of work among international lawyers, involving constantly developing areas of international law and a wide variety of actors, including international organizations, private firms and businesses, and individual arbitrators.” The organizers also noted the difficulty in finding routes to enter this field. The hour and half panel discussion can be viewed in its entirety online. You can find more information on careers in international law in our Law Career Resources guide.