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Archive for April 10th, 2012

Legal Writing Profs Present Ideas for Visual Learners

C|M|LAW Legal Writing faculty members Brian Glassman and Karin Mika both presented at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Regional Legal Writing Conference on the topic of visual learning.

Professor Glassman’s presentation was entitled “From Art School to Law School: Lessons for Visual Learners.”  He discussed techniques used by teachers of visual art for imparting knowledge to students about the many ‘tools’ essential to every artist’s toolbox: color; line; form; perspective; etc. and how those techniques that can be used to teach legal writing, given the similarity of the tools that both artists and legal writers employ.   The presentation received positive reviews from the Legal Writing Prof Blog.

Professor Mika teamed up with Professor Ralph Brill to present examples of classroom visuals that both shed light on the content of class assignments and also visuals that form the basis of Legal Writing assignments.  This presentation also received favorable comments from the Legal Writing Prog Blog. Professor Mika discussed her use of  videos instead of written fact patterns.

Clerking in Ohio this Summer? Some Helpful Resources

Here are some resources helpful for those with legal related jobs in Ohio this summer:

Multitasking Your Way to Trouble

In her March article in Student Lawyer, Work Habits That Can Become a Barrier to Professional Success, Mary Dunnewold writes about three habits that can seriously hinder your professional success as a lawyer: procrastination, multitasking, and distraction. Dunnewold states, “Multitasking and distraction feed each other and may exacerbate procrastination tendencies.” She advises trying Internet blocking software that can help you stay focused on the task at hand, instead of on updating your Facebook or Twitter status.  Back in February, we had the same idea and posted on social networking blocking tools in Get Productive! Ways to Limit Online Distractions.

TheInspiredSolo, a blog on productivity tips for lawyers, also posted about multitasking. The author points out that what we generally think of as multitasking is really something called switchtasking. Switchtasking is what our brain does when we attempt to multitask – it literally switches (albeit very quickly) between doing two tasks, like talking on the phone and writing an email. The end result: neither task gets the full attention it deserves.

A recommended book on multitasking is Dave Crenshaw’s The Myth of Multitasking: How Doing It All Gets Nothing Done. We have it available as an ebook. [Find it].