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Archive for January 6th, 2012

In-Class Exercises to Teach Black Letter Law Plus Analytical Skills

The Institute for Law Teaching and Learning Blog’s Idea of the Month is entitled: Using Formative Assessment to Speed Up Doctrinal Coverage.   Rory Bahadur of the Washburn University School of Law shares an in-class exercise which contains a fact pattern and an incomplete IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion) essay answer to the problem.  Students must fill in the analysis section.   Professor Bahadur says:

“The exercise takes only one class period. Don’t take my word for it— try it in class. The learning outcomes are greater than the sum of the parts of the exercise. Your students will not only learn the doctrine but will also understand how to apply it. More generally, this exercise also demonstrates that students learn more when their teachers get out of the way.”

Where Are Our Law Profs?

With classes not starting up until Monday next week, there aren’t too many students around here this week. Not too many law profs, either. Many of them attend the Annual Meeting of AALS, the Association of American Law Schools that is held at this time each year. Two of our C|M|Law faculty are presenting at the meeting. Professor Candice Hoke is speaking in a session entitled “Crosscutting Program – The Law and Science of Trustworthy Elections: Facing the Challenges of Internet Voting and Other E-Voting Technologies.” Professor Alan Weinstein is addressing the topic “State and Local Government Law,” in a talk that is co-sponsored by the AALS Section on Law and Religion. Everyone should be back next week for the start of Spring semester 2012.