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Archive for December 6th, 2011

What’s the Good Word?

So you’re probably not too excited about legal dictionaries. But the library’s gotten in the latest edition (the 3rd) of Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage [Reference KF156 .G367 2011], and I’m just geeky enough to want to crack it open. Alongside run-of-the-mill terms like escheat, fee tail, or malice aforethought, I found a couple that made me go “hmmm…”:  gobbledygook, horseshed, judgitis, law reviewese, Lochnerize, and NIMBY. Then I came across the entry “Lawyers, Derogatory Names for” which includes a long list of “Names Actually Given to Lawyers.” Bitter insults like ack-ack, dump truck, flycatcher, fogger, mob mouthpiece, and waller were news to me. Of course, Garner’s isn’t the only game in town. The Gallagher Law Library has put together a nice dictionary guide that will lead to you to other U.S. legal dictionaries, topic-specific dictionaries, dictionaries aimed at non-lawyers, and bilingual and multilingual law dictionaries. Word.