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Fair Housing Clinic Students/Faculty Attend Supreme Court Oral Argument

Fair Housing Clinic students and faculty attended oral arguments for the case they worked on, First American Financial Corporation v. Edwards, U.S. Supreme Ct. Case No. No. 10-708.  Here is the oral argument transcript.  There is a Plain Dealer Article about the case and a brief Ohio Public Radio Interview with Professor Ed Kramer.

See our prior posts about the case: and

Photo: Denise Edwards. Ed Kramer, Julia Kazmers, Todd Glassman, Brad Eier, Natalie HarperJose Roman, Jeremy Samuels, and Gerald Henn Fall 2011 Fair Housing Law Clinic at US. Supreme Court on 11-28-2011 after the oral argument in their case


Fair Housing Clinic Wins on Discovery Stay Issue in Ohio 8th District

C|M|LAW’s Fair Housing Clinic successfully appealed a foreclosure case in the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals.   The Eighth District found that the trial court abused its discretion when it denied the Clinic’s reasonable Civ.R. 56(F) motion for discovery time and proceeded to grant summary judgment in favor of the plaintiff bank.  The decision remands the case back to the trial court for discovery on fair housing and other consumer protection law claims in this foreclosure case against an African-American and American Indian family.  Beal Bank S.S.B. v.  Means, Cuyahoga App. No. 96252, 2011-Ohio-5922.

Jeff Albiez worked on the trial court filings and Neil P. McGowan worked on the appellate brief when they were students in the Fair Housing Clinic.

Ohio Supreme Court Issues New Citation Manual

The  Ohio Supreme Court just released the Supreme Court of Ohio Writing Manual (effective Jan. 1, 2012).  It can be found in the same place on the Supreme Court’s website as the previous citation manual, under Clerk of Court and Case Information>Reporter of Decisions.  According to the Court’s press release, changes include:

  • The date of a judicial opinion now appears at the end of the citation. (E.g. Greene Cty. Agricultural Soc. v. Liming, 89 Ohio St.3d 551, 554, 733 N.E.2d 1141 (2000), fn. 3.)
  • Signals are now italicized.
  • Citations of print-published appellate cases now identify the district of decision. (E.g. State v. Crandall, 9 Ohio App.3d 291, 292, 460 N.E.2d 296 (1st Dist. 1983) , Byer v. Wright, 160 Ohio App.3d 472, 2005-Ohio-1797, 827 N.E.2d 835 (11th Dist.).)
  • The federal circuits are now identified using “Cir.,” e.g., 6th Cir. instead of C.A.6.
  • Federal statutes are now cited using “U.S.C.,” e.g., 42 U.S.C. 1982 instead of Section 1982, Title 42, U.S. Code.
  • Ohio case citations no longer include Ohio Bar Reports (OBR) or Ohio Opinions (O.O., O.O.2d, O.O.3d).
  • Block quotations now may be used.
  • Citations in footnotes are disfavored.

Briefs filed with Ohio state courts should use this citation format.

New Legal Education Blog

The National Law Journal started The Law School Review – A Forum on Legal Education, which addresses the challenges faced by law schools today.  Blog contributors include legal educators and law graduates.  (Thanks to  Out of the Jungle for the tip).

Best Practices for Legal Education and The Legal Skills Prof Blog are also great blogs discussing legal education.

And of course, to keep up with conferences and calls for papers, there is the Legal Scholarship Blog.

What Stress?

Today’s post on the Law School Academic Support Blog – Let’s Talk about Stress – lists some of the all-too-familiar symptoms of negative stress common around exam time, such as churning stomach, headaches, and lack of sleep. It also suggests some tips for managing stress, like striving for an excellent answer on an exam as opposed to the perfect one, and avoiding people and situations that add to your stress.

Here are a few more stress management ideas from on and about campus that might help you through the upcoming exam period –

  • Relax for a few in the Law Library’s student lounge.
  • Schedule a massage from a licensed therapist.
  • Go for a swim.
  • Take a yoga class, or try spinning, tai chi, water aerobics, or another fitness class.
  • Consider studying at the Schwartz Library for a change of pace.
  • Attend a Brownbag Concert at Trinity Cathedral.  (There’s a Messiah sing-along on Dec. 21st.)
  • Catch a show at PlayhouseSquare.
  • Cheer CSU’s men’s and women’s basketball teams at the Wolstein Center.
  • Whatever you do, plan a little time for yourself, away from the casebooks and outlines.