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Faculty and Students: Write Your Own CALI Lesson

Interactive CALI Lessons can be a great way to clarify difficult concepts. While there are lots of CALI lessons available, there may not be one for a particular concept you have in mind. The good news is you can write your own CALI lesson, see CALI Autopublish FAQ. Once you create your lesson, you will receive a url for the lesson, which you can put on a course webpage or email. You will need CALI Author version 4.1.0 or higher to use AutoPublish. You can download the latest version of CALI Author here. If you need help, contact one of the research librarians.

CMBA Environmental Law Internship

The Environmental Section of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association is sponsoring the 2011 Summer Environmental Internship.  The internship provides funding for a summer job in either a government agency engaged in environmental work or a non-profit organization with an environmental mission.  Prior to applying  for the internship, you must first secure a position.  If you are interested in additional information or an application, please stop by the OCP office or contact Associate Dean Heidi Gorovitz Robertson

Dogs as Study Partners

Amy Jarmon’s post Man’s Best Friend as Study Buddy from the Law School Academic Support Blog suggests using your dog to help you study:

“By explaining the case to ones dog, a responsive audience is available.  A dog will smile at your voice, cock its head in attentiveness, and perhaps even bark or wag its tail to signify how brilliant you are.” …

“Another example is that dogs often come over to check on their owners during long study periods.  Assuming that your animal is not actually asking to go outside, you can use this interaction to advantage as well.  Let your dog’s visit amount to an accountability check.

Pretend your pet is checking to see if you are focused on the task at hand, finished the case you were supposed to have read, or completed some other task that you should have finished.  If you are not on-task, then you need to admit it to your dog and get back to work.  “

It can’t hurt to try these tips, and pets are thought to reduce stress too.

(photo is Max, a dog up for adoption at Berea Animal Rescue.)

Casemaker CaseCheck Plus – Improved Citator for Additional Fee

You may be familiar with Casemaker‘s  Casecheck, a Shepard’s-like feature which provides a list of cases that have cited the case in question.   What Casecheck does not provide are the signals and analysis provided in Shepards and Keycite – ie.  red stop signs, red and yellow flags and designations such as followed, overruled and distinguished.

Now, for an additional fee, CaseCheck Plus provides signals at the top of each case indicating whether the case has received any treatment such as overruled, questioned, superseded, modified, etc.  and a link to the case which gave the negative treatment.   More citing references are accessible on the righthand side of the case.    The cases affecting your case are listed first with icons for questioned, overruled, etc. and the cases citing your case are listed next.














CaseCheck Plus costs $19.95 per month or  $199.95 per year or $4.95 per day.  There is a free 14 day trial – see this postcard for how to get a free trial.

For those unfamiliar with Casemaker, see our prior post.

New Legal Reference Apps

Now legal information is available to you anywhere and anytime with these new legal reference apps available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Blackberry.  The new apps are available for purchase from the Law Pod.  These apps help you help law students because any after-tax profits are used to provide grants and scholarships to law students in need.