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Study Rooms Available

Study Rooms are available in the law library for your use.

Reserve a Study Room Here.

  • Only law students can reserve and use study rooms in the law library.
  • Reserve your room well in advance during reading and exam period. Check to see what’s available prior to booking.
  • Use your CSU law email to reserve the study room.
  • Confirm your booking in the email you receive.
  • Stop by the access services desk in the law library prior to going to your study room. Someone will walk with you to the study room to make sure it is unlocked for you, or else confirm that the room has already been opened.

Rooms B09 and B10 have recording and presentation equipment in them for practicing interviews or presentations. The other study rooms have tables and whiteboards. 015a054040

Congratulations Graduates! Study Rooms and Other Assistance for Grads

capEven after you have completed your studies at Cleveland-Marshall, there are many ways in which you can continue to benefit from the law school and library.

Most importantly, you can continue to use the library’s resources if you apply for an alumni borrower’s card. The application can be found here.

Graduates will also be able to access Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance and WestlawNext for 6 months after graduation.  If you have any questions on this, please direct them to Brian Cassidy, at or 216-523-7364.  You will also still be able to access important databases, such as HeinOnline, and others from the public computers in the library.

In addition, when you do come back to visit the law library you will be able to access our wireless using the free unsecured CSUGUEST network.

You will still be able to ask library staff for help with any reference questions you may have in person, by email (, or by phone (216 687-6877).

Finally, we will do all that we can to help you prepare for the bar exam. CALI lessons will be available to you for up to six months after graduation to help you perfect your legal knowledge. While studying for the bar, you are also welcome to use the student lounge or any of our study rooms.

Best of luck in the future.

Study Rooms Are Open

a054Library re-keying has been completed.  All study rooms are now available for use.

Reserve a Study Room Here.

Group Study / Loudness in the Library

quietThe library in general is a quiet place for you to study. Sometimes, there is a need for you to participate in group study. The first floor(main floor) is not a quiet area. As such, you can use the area of comfy seats near the main entrance for group study or the tables in the Ohio room. This being said, it is not a cell phone talking zone. As per our Patron Code of Conduct, cell phone conversations are discouraged throughout the library. We recommend you leave the library if you need to talk to anyone on a mobile phone.

Of course study rooms are also available throughout the library for law students to reserve.

Study Rooms

studyroom1With exams on the horizon, you may want to reserve a study room.  You can reserve a study room anywhere and anytime as long as you can access the internet. The reservation site can even be accessed with your smart phone through The main link to the reservation homepage is You can also reach this link through a button on the law library’s homepage.

The rules for study room reservation:

1. C|M|Law student may reserve a study room for up to three hours each day.

2. Study rooms can be booked up to a week (7 days) in advance.

3. All reservations require a C|M|Law email address.

4. All reservations must be confirmed within 30 minutes of making the reservation.

Failure to complete any of these steps will cause your reservation request to be declined.

If you have any difficulty making a reservation, visit our instructions page or ask a librarian for help.

Please remember to be very considerate of all patrons using the library throughout the exam period. Every patron has a right to use our facilities and services. Try to keep noise levels down in study rooms as well as common areas.