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Creating Tables of Authority, TOC

Duke Law School’s Goodson Blog has a handy table with instructions on how to create a table of authorities and table of contents for briefs for various versions of Word and other wordprocessing software.

Best Authority Light Edition also creates a table of authorities for your document when you upload the document.   This is a Levit & James product made available to law students for FREE via LexisNexis.

There is also software to check quotes,  shepardize a document and even to check Bluebook form.  See Citation Checkers Guide.

Lexis Certification now More Relevant to Employers

Employers wanted Lexis to improve its certification program and Lexis listened.  Lexis conducted surveys to see what employers wanted law students to know.  Then Lexis created two classes which students must take to be certified, containing the items employers find important.  Topics covered include starting with secondary sources, statutory research, administrative law and efficient research.

Once a student takes the two classes, they may take a national exam online and become certified.   There is a national registry that employers can use to check on a student’s certification.

Our Lexis rep, Jennifer Durkin, has classes scheduled in Room 237 at noon and will also be available in the computer lab in the coming weeks to assist you.  For dates and times, go to, and click on MySchool.

Don’t forget about our Library Research Certificate , which also looks great on a resume.    We have an Ohio Legal Research Distance Learning Class available currently.  You can earn 25 legal research certificate points for completing the first half of the lesson and and 25 points for the second half.  The entire lesson takes 2 hours or less to complete.  We also have Lexis and Westlaw Refreshers Classes available, April 6th & 7th, 4:50-5:50 pm.  You can earn 25 points by attending a Refreshers class.  Contact Laura Ray,  216-687-6880, to sign up for a Lexis/Westlaw refresher.