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Get Your Law School Exam Anti-Stress Game Plan in Place

Finals are just around the corner, and you know they’re likely to be stressful. So now’s the time to get your anti-stress game plan in place! Being prepared to face the stress of law school exams can help you feel more relaxed and do a better job.

Here are some things to put in your game plan:

  • Plan ahead for meals and snacks. Stock up on your favorite foods and snacks so they’re ready to go when you’re too busy studying to think too much about food.
  • Alert your friends and family. Let them know ahead of time when exams are so that they will understand if you’re less available physically and emotionally during this time.
  • Get yourself on a sleep schedule now, so you can stick to it during exams.
  • Plan ahead for a few good relaxation sessions – schedule a massage during exams, get tickets to a favorite band, plan a night out with friends. You’ll need to take a break from studying at some point.
  • Arrange for you study aids now – the law library’s study aids research guide can help.
  • Plan for exercise – if you’re into group fitness, scope out your favorite classes. If you’re more low key, plan to take walking breaks every hour or so of studying. Walking breaks do a whole lot more for your concentration and wellbeing than social media or web surfing breaks.
  • Plan your rewards! Plan something extra nice for yourself after you’re done with each big exam or assignment.
  • Remind yourself to see the big picture of your law school and career goals.

GavelNote Available for Free for C|M|Law Students

There is a new online note-taking platform called GavelNote, which was created specifically for law students (by Cleveland-Marshall graduates) to eliminate the drudgery of outlining your courses.

Capturing, compiling, and organizing class notes, case briefs, statutes, and black letter law into a useful outline is a very time-consuming process. GavelNote offers a way to automate that process, eliminating busywork and freeing up more time for actual studying. Sharing notes is easy with GavelNote’s sophisticated sharing feature that lets you decide what to share and who to share it with. Plus GavelNote stores your notes safely in the cloud. For more information about the benefits of GavelNote, visit:

Trying GavelNote is risk-free. If you don’t like GavelNote, simply export your notes and outlines into Microsoft Word format any time. As a current student, you can have with unlimited use of GavelNote throughout your law school career. Register now for your own personal account at:

Past Exams Available Online

As you start to get serious about preparing for exams, don’t forget that we post professors’ past exams on the library website. You’ll need to login in with your CSU ID and pin. Whether to post and which exams to post is up to the individual professor. Some professors choose not to have their exams placed online, but many of them do provide us with examples. For the most part, you’ll only find the exam questions, without sample answers. Good luck as you start to study for exams!

Study Rooms Policy and Reservation Information

Reserve a Study Room Here

Study Rooms are available in the law library for law student use. Note: they are heavily used during exams—so be sure to familiarize yourself with how to reserve one for you or your group:

  1. Only law students can reserve and use study rooms in the law library.
  2. Reserve your room well in advance during reading and exam period.
  3. Use your CSU law email to reserve the study room.
  4. Confirm your booking in the email you receive (check your Junk folder if you can’t find it!).
  5. Stop by the access services desk prior to going to your study room; a staff member will go with you to unlock it or confirm that the room has already been opened.

Get Your IT Questions Answered Tomorrow–Learning Commons 12-2pm

For our final Ebytes session of the semester, Rick Zhang from our Information Technology (IT) Department will be available to answer your technology-related questions. The session is on a drop-in basis from 12-2pm tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15 in the Learning Commons. The most frequently asked questions this time of year are about exam software and device compatibility, but feel free to stop in with any technology-related queries.