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Prestatehood Legal Materials Available on HeinOnline

Prestatehood Legal Materials is now part of the U.S. State package on HeinOnline.

This new database is derived from AALL’s (American Association of Law Libraries) Joseph L. Andrews Literature Award-winning 2005 sourcebook, Prestatehood Legal Materials, which is edited by Michael Chiorazzi and Marguerite Most. It provides brief overviews of state histories from colonization to statehood and identifies a wide range of both readily available and hard-to-find materials from each state, linking to more than 1,500 full-text documents. This database is an invaluable and comprehensive tool for researchers. Unprecedented in its coverage of territorial government, this database holds resources that reveal the underlying legal principles that helped shape the United States. Research how foreign countries controlled the laws of these territories and how the states eventually broke away to govern themselves. Examine the legal issues of Native Americans, inter-state and the Mexican and Canadian borders, and the development of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of state government.

This database contains bibliographies, references, and discussions on a varied list of source materials, including:

  • State codes drafted by Congress
  • County, state, and national archives
  • Journals and digests
  • State and federal reports, citations, surveys, and studies
  • Books, manuscripts, papers, speeches, and theses
  • Town and city records and documents
  • And more!

Bloomberg BNA Tax Materials

When researching tax law, you may find useful information in Bloomberg’s many databases. The Bloomberg BNA Tax Materials list can be found through the Law Databases link from the law library’s homepage:

  • Tax Management Compensation Planning Journal
  • Tax Management Estates, Gifts, and Trusts Journal
  • Tax Management Memorandum
  • Tax Management Real Estate Journal
  • Tax Management Transfer Pricing International Journal
  • Tax Management Transfer Pricing Report
  • Tax Management Weekly Report
  • Tax Management Weekly State Tax Report
  • Tax Planning International – Asia-Pacific Focus
  • Tax Planning International European Tax Service
  • Tax Planning International Indirect Taxes
  • Tax Planning International Review
  • TaxCore

All of the above plus many more primary and secondary tax law resources are available on Bloomberg Law’s Tax Center.

Bloomberg Law for Docket Information

Bloomberg Law is a great tool to use to search for dockets. It has options to search by court, keyword, docket number, party name, judge, attorney or firm, case status, and date range.

Some dockets are quite lengthy, with dozens of types of documents to sort through. In Bloomberg Law, dockets can be sorted by type, so you can pull just briefs, motions, or orders, for example.

The federal dockets are pulled from the PACER system and are included in the law school’s subscription. Some documents may need to updated; if so, click “Request” (see image).

Note: Documents on some dockets many not be available because of size or other factors.


Law Library Legal Research Seminars & Digital Badges

The Law Library has two upcoming live Legal Research Seminars particularly important for students who plan to work this summer.  Remember, each C|M|LAW student who earns 100 Legal Research Seminar points receives a Legal Research Seminar Letter of Recognition, as well as a Digital Badge that you can post to your LinkedIn page.

The Ohio Legal Research Crash Course is Thursday, March 29th, and Getting Ready to Clerk is Thursday, April 5th.  Each Seminar is 4:50pm-5:50pm, in Law Library Room A059, and light refreshments will be provided.  In the Ohio Legal Research Crash Course, we’ll examine key Ohio research resources, and discuss effective strategies and best practices for their use.  In the Getting Ready to Clerk Seminar, legal practitioners will talk with you about research projects done by clerks and new associates – how projects are assigned, typical projects, and feedback to expect.  Each of these Seminars is worth 25 points.

The Law Library also has eight online Legal Research Seminars, available on the Westlaw TWEN platform, that students can “attend” at their convenience:

  • Starting Research with Secondary Sources (17:02 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Bluebooking (38:47 mins; 25 points)
  • Terms & Connectors Searching (10:48 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Lexis Advance Overview (21:11 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Shepard’s (11:54 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Westlaw Overview (20:03 mins; 12.5 points)
  • KeyCite (10:16 mins; 12.5 points)
  • Bioethics Research & Scholarly Writing (28:33 mins; 25 points)

Your Seminar points are good for the entire time you are here at C|M|LAW, and you can earn multiple Letters of Recognition and Digital Badges.  Questions?  Contact Laura Ray, Outreach & Instructional Services Librarian, 216-687-6880,

Bloomberg BNA’s Health Law Related Databases

Bloomberg BNA (link to our law databases list) has a number of health and health care related databases (among many others) to be aware of.  The following are all great resources for current awareness health law related information: