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Archive for November 26th, 2012

Study Room Protocol in Preparation for Exams

As you ready yourself to take your exams, think ahead about where and when you plan to get in the necessary hours of study. Now that all study rooms are reserved online, this should be easier than ever. In addition, for the first time you will be able to reserve rooms a week ahead of time. Use this to your advantage. By planning ahead you will eliminate extra stress that you simply do not need to deal with.

If for any reason you have difficulties reserving a study space, please ask a librarian for help in person or by phone (216-687-2250). Problems could include anything from using the online system to requesting assistance to ask a student who has not made a reservation or is not a law student to leave a room. Please remember to be very considerate of all patrons using the library throughout the exam period. Every patron has a right to use our facilities and services. Try to keep noise levels down in study rooms as well as common areas.

Best of luck with your exam preparation!

Local Author Helps Lawyers Write

Kracker BookListen to the local news or read the newspaper for evidence that the English language is abused.

Know won no’s corect gramer and speling anymour, and they don’t seam to care (sic)!

As lawyers, we appreciate that a misplaced comma can change the meaning of a sentence. The comma misplaced in the following example could be costly: “Mr. Smith left $100,000 to Tom, Dick and Harry.” Did Mr. Smith mean to leave $50,000 to Tom with $25,000 each to Dick and Harry? That’s what was directed in that sentence. Simply adding a comma after Dick would provide equal distribution of the money.

The ABA Basic Guide to Punctuation, Grammar, Workplace Productivity, and Time Management by Jayne Kracker is a handy tool that should be on every desk in the office and on everyone’s holiday gift list. It covers basic rules of punctuation and grammar. It has examples of each rule as it is related to the legal office. This guide answers questions such as: Where do I put the comma in a sentence? Does the end-of-line punctuation go inside or outside the quotation mark?

Other useful information includes capitalization, quotation marks, subject/verb agreement, misplaced modifiers, letter styles and formats, tricky words, and spelling hints. Time management techniques and suggestions to improve productivity by utilizing practices such as “delegating and reporting” are available. This guide provides relief from the occasional “brain cramp” by having a useful tool at your fingertips.

Bring back the dinosaurs—those who understand and appreciate the English language!

Jayne Kracker, a graduate of Kent State University, has a long career in education and business. She was an adjunct professor at Ohio’s Kent State University, Lakeland Community College and Cleveland’s Notre Dame College. As an educator in business, Kracker knows people seek assistance with business writing grammar.Kracker may be contacted at

Books to Help You Be A Better Exam-Taker

You probably know that room AO66 on the Library’s Atrium level houses an amazing collection of study aids that you can check out on substantive topics like torts, contract, property, any number of upper-level classes. If you’re smart, you’ve probably already picked out a few to take home.

But there’s also a good collection of all-purpose books in AO66 that can help you improve your exam-taking, regardless of the subject. These books offer test-taking strategies, analyze question and answer types, review IRAC, give pointers on essay organization, point out potential traps, and discuss time management. While you’re obviously busy with the “real” study aids on substantive subjects, it can be worthwhile to spend a spare hour or two browsing one of these all-purpose books. They’re all generally brief, and lend themselves readily to skimming.

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